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What To Do In The Event Of A Fire At Your Business Premises

As part of the fire risk assessment it is important for businesses to identify what to do in the event of a fire. Common sense and discretion should be used on the discovery of a fire. If the fire is very small, and one is confident that it can easily be extinguished, the nearest appropriate fire extinguisher should be used. If this action has no immediate effect on the fire the fire alarm should be operated to inform fellow colleagues and personnel within the workplace. In premises not provided with an electrical alarm the warning should be by word of mouth, "FIRE", or by operating the manual break glass call points. In general the fire alarm should be sounded prior to the fire being tackled. All staff should be shown the "Break the Glass call point" in the vicinity of where they work. If calling the fire service or reporting a fire locally the following information should be gathered where possible: 1. The exact location of the fire; 2. The location of any trapp

The Process Of A Fire Risk Assessment

Today, with regulations enforcing evermore stringent safety measures concerned with fire, staying abreast of developments can be difficult. Of prime importance is to have a regular fire risk assessment to ensure hazards are kept to a minimum. The duty of a regular fire risk assessment lies firmly in the hands of the 'responsible person'. It is this person 's job to ensure and manage any fire risks that may be present, either in a business or residential premises. Part of their work is to ensure that effective fire risk assessment procedures are put in place. But how does this 'responsible person' carry out a fire risk assessment? What processes are involved to ensure resident 's or worker 's safety in the prevention and reaction to a fire? The first step in any fire risk assessment is to identify the hazards that may be present in either a workplace or residential location. There are many hazards to contemplate when conducting a fire risk assessment. It mu

How To Make An Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit can add dimension and value to your home. Fire pits are very nice in the winter as well as the summer. There are kits available that allow you to simply put one together and away you go. However, I find that learning how to make an outdoor fire pit is the most cost effective way to go. The first thing you want to do is consider what you want the fire pit to look like. Think about color, height, width, location and material needed. You want to be away from any structures or things that could catch fire for obvious reasons, so location is the first thing to decide on. For material, most rock or do-it-yourself cement should suffice. As these things go, always check with your local authorities for ordinances and regulations regarding fire pits in your area concerning where they can be placed and how big they can be. You want to be within the law with this. If you need building permits or neig

Top Fire Fighting Tips For Home And Business

Fire prevention can help to reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring, but not eliminate the chance of fire altogether so knowing how to fight a fire safely is essential to stop it getting out of control. But, and an important but, it is also imperative you know when to fight a fire, as some fires are beyond your control and the best course of action for your safety and others is to evacuate the area as quickly as possible. To make sure that you have the best chance of escaping a fire and possibly stopping it from getting out of control, here are some top fire fighting tips for home and work. First Things First Whether you are going to tackle the fire or not, call the Fire Service as it is easy to forget once you jump into action. In the UK, the phone numbers 999, 911 (USA) and 112 (Europe) are all programmed to send you to the emergency services. Fight Or Don't Fight? If a fire has broken out, you need to decide fairly quickly if you are capable of fighting it or not. If the fir

Electronic Access Control Keys

If you are looking for a key to Crime Prevention it 's in electronic access control systems. Our modern society is a world of locks and keys. Home security, office security, apartments, and office space - the list goes on, but what 's known for certain comprehensive key management is the weak link. Almost every person in modern day society will be packing a keychain that 's got more than just one or two keys. House keys, garage keys, office keys, and car keys are rattling around the bottom of our pockets and in our purses. Although we feel safe, it 's a false security that leads too often to lost and stolen keys, which is another weakness in our modern security. The bottom line is keys really are not a secure way of keeping things safe and secure. Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to re-key buildings because a set of keys was lost or an employee was let go and did not return their keys. Worse yet, have you ever stopped to wonder just how many m

Selecting The Best Amongst Available Diy Home Security Systems

Diy home security systems are a source of enjoyment and hobby. One who is exhausted after doing work can release its depression and get rid of stresses & be relaxed. When you go in the markets you become busy. You do the comparison in features, prices and installation complications and your engagements can divert you from your laborious day-to-day fatigues. The Electrical engineers and the people also look at crafts and the gathering at diy home security systems in the market. The diy home security systems are not doubt very useful and attractive. Security of houses is one of the most important tasks and as such there are some persons who want to make their houses secured. They utilize their money and on turn make arrangements to get their homes secured. The sensible persons do not waste their money on insurance against the purchase of effective diy home security systems, which are useless being improper and defective one. The option for the purchase of Diy home security syst

DVR Software: Easy Surveillance For Non-Pros

Imagine yourself reviewing yesterday's activities and recording the present at the same time. This is what happens when you're using DVR software for your video surveillance. Read on to find out what's in store for you when you use the software. Is It Time to Update Your Security System? Okay, you have a surveillance camera, but then how do you get the most out of it? You don't simply have it screwed to the ceiling or at the door. You will need the equipment to make your business/home watch the best there is in the neighborhood, surveillance wise. If you are deciding to upgrade your existing video recording of images captured by your surveillance cameras, check out the hottest thing to hit town - DVR software. A DVR software will absolutely change the way you look at video surveillance and recording. It's time to make a big switch if you have frequently: * Experienced irritation because you have to stop your surveillance recording just so you could review yesterda

Security Camera System: Save Money On Insurance Premiums While Securing the Fort

Maintaining your home security doesn't have to be a full-time objective. However it is still very important to plan ahead to insure that any loophole is addressed from the onset rather than discovered later when it potentially too late. The benefits of having a well designed out security system will also have an effect on your indemnity claims. For example you can have discounted premiums on your insurance if you have certain security functions including CCTV or sentry alarm systems. But before we get into the details lets start with the fundamentals. You want make sure that you follow some common sense rules and precautions such as making sure your doors are always locked- your doors and also garages and sheds if you have any. This is especially true if you are going on vacation and will not be around your home for an extended period of time. Reports have shown that most of the burglaries that happen tend to do so when there are no people at home therefore it is advisable

Video Surveillance Technology Explained - a Primer

The technology in video surveillance equipment is used in many ways for the advantage of society as a whole. The technology is used to investigate, among other things, the workload amongst pilots and air-traffic controllers, assessment of driver reactions to warning devices at railroad crossings, and studies of the performance of sleep-deprived locomotive engineers, just to name a few. The equipment includes video cameras, digital video recorders, digital video cameras , and CCTV [closed circuit TV] video cameras. Events such as the 9-11 terrorist attack in the United States of America and the ever present threat of more terror attacks has resulted in video surveillance equipment becoming more popular than any time before. This equipment and technology is used in various different portions of society including government agencies, security agencies, companies and businesses, schools, and public and private transportation vehicles. Video surveillance apparatus is also a welcomed t

What you Should Know About Trenchless Technology

Whether it is referred to as “no dig” or “trenchless technology ,” one way or another I’m sure you have heard about this revolutionary field in sewer/pipe inspection, rehabilitation, and cleaning. Trenchless technology removes the need for surface excavation, reduces underground construction costs, and also minimizes environmental damage. One of the biggest advantages, for residents in the areas where services need to be performed on a pipeline, is that you eliminate the problems associated with digging in such a high traffic area. Trenchless technology makes it possible not to dig up the road and make the area more congested than it already is. RedZone Robotics (a Pittsburgh-based company specializing in trenchless technology), has made developments in robotic sewer inspection. The use of robotics in sewer inspection creates measurable data for agencies to provide a better understanding of the current systems . Robotic sewer inspection prepares you for when a break could occur,

No Privacy Left... RFID - You Won't Hide

RFID solutions allow to control not only certain zones or areas (e.g. border zone, airports), but also enable remote scanning of the embedded and dynamic data , get access to information on the people and their relocations, and can provide control authority (in the sense of access rights to certain zones etc.). Many countries plan to introduce identity cards, passports and car registration plates with RFID tags. By the end of this year, China wants to issue for its citizens about a billion such identity cards. American passports issued after Oct. 6, 2006 are also equipped with RFID tags. The embedded data (including digital photograph) can be read even over a distance of 20m. Civil liberties campaigners have criticized the test of anti-theft system based on tiny RFID chips at Tesco store in Cambridge. Anyone picking up Gillette Mach3 razor blades at the store triggered CCTV camera and had his or her picture taken. The second one was taken at the checkout, to compare the pictures o

Optical Aids to Help You Cope with Low Vision

Low vision aids come in all shapes and sizes and serve a multitude of different purposes. A one-size-fits-all approach just won't do when it comes to choosing these devices, especially when you consider that a very wide range of eye problems can cause low vision . Age-related muscular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, head trauma and stroke can all result in reduced visual acuity, reduced contrast sensitivity and glare sensitivity. It should be remembered that these eye conditions often involve impaired color vision, and that the majority of sufferers are over 60. This is why many of the more high-tech low vision aids now coming on to the market offer customized viewing nodes ( magnifiers , for example, which allow material to be viewed in black and white, blue and yellow or black and yellow) or adjustable image brightness. Customization need not always be high-tech, however. It can be as simple as fitting a magnifier with a flexible, adjustable arm so

Loss Prevention Equipment

If you have a business with a store or a warehouse, you will be interested in detecting and preventing theft. This is the reason why you should be taking advantage of loss prevention equipment, which comes in numerous forms and can be very practical. Although this can be costly at first, it will certainly pay off in the long run if you consider how much your business could save. You might be running a business and burglaries are not too uncommon, so you have lost money as a result. Or you might not even be badly affected by crime, however your current admin system is not able to detect and account for the occasions when it occurs. So, the best solution would be to purchase loss prevention equipment, which will ensure that your profit and assets stays safe. In the last few years the development of loss prevention systems has moved forward dramatically. The cheapest systems merely involve convex mirrors, which can work in a shop, but there are several others that are more complicat

Systems Securing Small Businesses

Small businesses are defined as mainly those that employ a smaller number of people. However, this can be deceptive as the term 'small' or 'less' are relative. Therefore, in the United States of America, for instance, a small business is one in which there are less than one hundred employees whereas in the European Union, a small business is characterised by a number of employees smaller than fifty. In certain cases other factors also define a smaller business enterprise such as profit margin, capital investment, etc. Thus, small businesses are also those which have smaller spending powers. Therefore, such business concerns have a reduced budget when it comes to buying security gadgets. There are various cheaper appliances which are ideal for putting together a security system for smaller business concerns. The following are a few examples: Wireless Cameras These are the latest gadgets today as far as security is concerned. Unlike a burglar or security alarm, the w

Ddns- How it Works? Own Mail Server? Own Www Server? it is Possible Even in your Home

What is DDNS? If we wish to run a server for website hosting or accessing CCTV cameras, available from any Internet location - and we don't have a static IP address but a dynamic one supplied by DHCP server (e.g. ADSL service) - we have to use DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System). DDNS server provides a database containing relations between domain names and numeric addresses, which may be updated on request, by the domain owner. Thanks to this feature, the server is available in the domain name regardless its current IP address. We have to remember that when DHCP server changes the IP, it takes some time to detect this change by the client software or router. Then, after the notification has been sent to DDNS server, it takes another minute or so to send this piece of data to DNS server to update the database. As a result, our server will be periodically unavailable up to several minutes - every time the IP address has been changed. To use the service one has register at a DDNS serv

Top Tips Revealed on Reviewing Your Physical Home Security

Physical security is about measures that deter or prevent intruders from accessing your property and is very important as the first line of defense against an intruder. You will want to do everything you can to prevent physical access to, or theft from your property and belongings. This can be as simple as having secure locks on all of your outside facing doors/windows to metal shutters or high security gates. There are several layers or tiers of physical security that should be considered when reviewing your home security. They could include things like obstacles that are designed to delay intruders breaking into your property, alarm systems , external lighting or CCTV. The 4 layers of physical security are: • Environmental Design • Mechanical Security • Intrusion Detection • Visual Monitoring Environmental Design Environmental design is the initial layer of physical security for a property and is generally more for commercial properties but could be employed in a residen

A View on Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been here as early as the sixties, but when its usage became prevalent in the early nineties, individuals began to become wary of it. Some assume it is an encroachment to privacy while few are telling it's a method of abuse of authority on the government's side. A lot of people are making a business about how the appearance of surveillance cameras is getting into their nerves. However, however which way I view it, I do not see anything inappropriate with installing surveillance camera systems around the capital particularly on public locations as well as dark corridors. The idea of security camera systems was born when crime rates began to rise and manners of terrorism started to affect the world. Little crimes, muggings, burglaries, sexual assaults, homicides, etc. are starting to become an everyday condition that the need for video security became of great significance, if not for easy identification of the perpetrators and/or victims should they be

Closed Circuit Television

They are everywhere, in banks, casinos, airports, train stations and even shopping malls. Closed Circuit Televisions are an effective means of surveillance that have become a necessity for both security and evidence. Closed Circuit Television, otherwise known as CCTV refers to the usage of video surveillance cameras to monitor public and private areas. Surveillance cameras send a signal to a restricted number of monitors where security personnel can keep track of them. In comparison with broadcast TVs , Closed Circuit Television systems are not directly sent out. However, CCTV does make use of point to point wireless links. Ever since the first appearance of CCTV back in 1942, when it was used to observe the launch of rockets, Closed Circuit Television systems have come a long way and become more and more widespread. They were also used and developed after the IRA bombings as a silent reaction to these aggressive acts. Currently, CCTV is part of the security systems of banks, p

The Benefits of Having Cctv Surveillance

Closed circuit television or CCTV security surveillance is a significant addition to anyone’s home security system. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their own house and everyone has the right to know about suspicious behavior happening around their place of sanctuary. In numerous independent studies, it is believed that a high percentage of crimes were stopped before they ever occurred because of CCTV surveillance. In addition, countless crimes were solved because of the technology . Spotting criminals and placing them on the scene of the crime through recorded video. The benefits are abundant and undeniable. As well as being optimal in crime prevention and crime detection, the cost of a CCTV security surveillance system is rather inexpensive and easy to use. Unlike broadcast television, CCTV components are hooked directly to each other via cables or direct wireless resources. You can monitor up to sixteen rooms in your home and record any dubious activity that maybe

Consumer Power And CCTV And DVR Surveillance Systems

There's much buzz over DVR surveillance systems. With so much information flooding the Internet , it becomes difficult to choose one that's just right for your small scale or corporate needs. But knowing what's best for you before you get a system saves you all the trouble, time, and money. Sorting the CCTV and DVR Surveillance Systems Non-techie consumers have a difficult time getting the gist of the technical information on home or office surveillance systems . What they want is a system that works best. They want to know what's going on behind their backs, see who has been dipping fingers into the till, and nab the nanny after proof of her roughshod handling of the toddler. Consumers also want clear pictures on the monitors, a video playback functionality, access to the home surveillance systems via the Internet, and real-time recording of everything happening in the home or office. While some want to catch the mouse while the cat is away, others need the securi

CCTV Systems (Closed Circuit Television)

If you are looking for a video surveillance system , then look no further. A number of online megastores carry all your video surveillance and security camera equipment needs. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is not the panacea to all security and safety problems that many people believe it to be. CCTV should be only a part of an integrated approach that considers all aspects of possible security problems. Modern CCTV video security camera systems allow you to view recorded images while continuing to record on all security cameras . They also offer advanced search capabilities and easy playback functionality. CCTV video surveillance systems include color security cameras , day and night security cameras, infrared security cameras, dome security cameras, black-and-white security cameras, bullet security cameras, hidden cameras, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, zoom security cameras, dummy cameras, IP digital security cameras, and board mini security cameras. Current technology using

Surveillance CCTV Camera Devices Help Keep Us All Safe

Most of us visit places like airports, subways and shopping malls but fail to recognize a tiny gadget that is hidden in a corner monitoring our activities. These gadgets are various types of surveillance equipment, and nowadays they are literally everywhere. The purpose of this abundance of surveillance equipment is to monitor the behavior of people and objects in a social environment or any system. These gadgets record the behavior of people and can be produced as evidence in case the people being watched behaves in an illegal or negative way towards the society. From a multinational company or national police force to a suspecting wife, all could be in need of some sort of surveillance or spy equipment. There are many types surveillance equipment like listening bugs, miniature video cameras etc. and all of these serve different purposes. These items of electronic equipment are very small and designed to go unseen or pass undetected, thus they are very useful in catching the wrong-

Types of Cctv Cameras

CCTV cameras are being installed everywhere for crime prevention and detection. They are now available at quite affordable price, are easy to install, and require low-maintenance. There are many types of technologically advanced CCTV cameras that offer fitting surveillance solutions. Depending upon your requirement, you can select one. This article discusses types of CCTV cameras and their features and uses. Indoor Camera: Indoor camera as the name suggests are used for indoor security mechanism. Depending upon your security needs, you can mount it at any suitable location inside the building. These are suitable for security in homes, schools, offices, hotels, etc. Outdoor Camera: Outdoor CCTV Camera is used for outdoor places. They are mostly used for entry and exit points with limited night lighting. Outdoor cameras typically have hard shell vandal-proof casings and a variety of lens options. IR Day/Night Camera: IR Day/ Night Camera are used for high alert security areas whe